Horticulture Section: Flowers & Arrangement

Entry Fee £1.00
Prizes £4.00, £3.00 & £2.00
Judge : Dr. Derek Turbitt

Start judging: 11am in Marquee

Class 150 Hybrid Tea—1 bloom
Class 151 Hybrid Tea— 3 blooms in one or more varieties
Class 152 Floribunda—1 stem
Class 153 Sweet pea—1 variety, 1 vase, 5 sprays
Class 154 Sweet pea—mixed varieties, 1 vase, 5 sprays
Class 155 One large dahlia (over 200mm or 8 inches)
Class 156 Three medium dahlias (150-200mm or 6-8 inches
Class 157 Three small dahlias (110-150mm or 4 3/8-6 inches)
Class 158 Three stems Hydrangea
Class 159 Three stems of any other flowering shrub, excluding Hydrangea
Class 160 Three Gladioli
Class 161 Five sprigs of Lavender
Class 162 Vase of Perennials—3 stems of one variety
Class 163 Vase of Annuals—3 stems of one variety
Class 164 Five Tomatoes
Class 165 Seven cherry tomatoes
Class 166 Five strawberries
Class 167 Five raspberries
Class 168 Two cabbages
Class 169 Three beetroot
Class 170 Three carrots
Class 171 Three parsnips
Class 172 Three white onions—from seed or sets
Class 173 Six stems of parsley
Class 174 Six pods of peas
Class 175 Six pods of broad beans
Class 176 Two lettuces
Class 177 Two leeks
Class 178 Five coloured potatoes
Class 179 One vegetable marrow
All exhibits must be home-grown and produced. Any entry found out to be purchased from a retail shop will be disqualified. The organisers reserve the right to refuse entries.

NB: Entries must be in place by 10.00 am for judging at 11.00 am. Judge’s decision is final. No late entries please, these will not be accepted.

See Rules for Horticultural, Floral Art and Handicraft sections.