Miniature Horses at the Maghera Agri Show and Country Fayre. 6th August 2016.

Entry Fee £6.00 Prize Fund £100
Judge: ………………

Start: 2.00 pm Ring 2

Horses should not be expected to exceed 34’’ at maturity i.e. 3 years of age, (guidelines for yearlings 32’’, two year olds 33’’) measured to the last mane hair. Classes will be amalgamated without prior notice if there are insufficient entries.
Class 134 Miniature Horse – Foals and Yearlings (Colt, Filly or Gelding)
Class 135 Miniature Horse – Two/Three year old (Colt, Filly or Gelding)
Class 136 Miniature Horse – Four year old and over (Mare or Gelding)
Class 137 Miniature Horse – Stallions (4 years old and over)
Miniature Horse Championship (1st & 2nd in classes 134-137 eligible)
Class 137a Solid colour open to any age
Class 137b Broken colour open to any age