1. All exhibits must be bona fide property of the Exhibitor since 1st May 2015.
  2. The Judges’ decision as to merit shall be final and objections on other points must be lodged with the Secretary, in writing, on the date of the Show and must be accompanied by a fee of £40. All objections will be decided by the committee and the fee returned if the objection is upheld or if the objection is considered frivolous.
  3. Where age is a qualification, the committee may, in any case, direct an examination by the V.S. The committee shall hear any submissions by the exhibitor and shall then decide the matter and the decision shall be final.
  4. The term ‘Executive committee’ in these rules means the group consisting of the Chairman , Secretary, and three others.
  5. The judges are empowered to withhold prizes in any class where there is not sufficient competition or merit, and furthermore, no second place prize money will be paid unless there are three or more exhibits and no third place prize money will be paid unless there are five or more exhibits in the class.
  6. All cups and perpetual trophies won by exhibitors at the 2016 show must be returned to the Secretary, three weeks prior to the 2017 show. Each recipient must sign a form accepting responsibility for cups and trophies before same are presented at the 2016 show.
  7. An animal which is a winner of two first prizes will not be eligible to compete in another class unless it is a Qualifier or Championship.
  8. The Show Grounds open at 8.00am. Judging commences at the times stated in the schedule.
  9. The committee will not be responsible for loss or accident of any kind which may occur to exhibitors, exhibits, visitors, spectators, vehicles, or property of any kind. All exhibitors must have public liability insurance in place, this may be asked for by the show/safety officer.
  10. The committee requests exhibitors to send in their entries as early as possible.
  11. Should any matter arise not provided for in the purview of these rules and regulations, the same shall be referred to the Executive Committee, whose decision shall be final, from which there shall be no appeal and entries are only accepted upon these conditions.
  12. All foals must be haltered and lead in the Show Grounds and during classes.
  13. All officials of the show will carry identification on their person and their HiViz jackets.