A message from the Chairman (December 2016)


A message from the Chairman:

Last night (1st December 2016) at the AGM of the Maghera Historical Society, the officers and committee stood down under the articles of our constitution as their two year term had expired. Peter Etherson and I were proposed as candidates for the position of Chairman, however Peter declined this as he had previously publically expressed support for myself should I be nominated. This being the case, I was duly elected as Chairman of Maghera Historical Society for the forthcoming year.

I am deeply honoured to take on this role and I will endeavour to give the best of me to supporting the society (as will all the re-elected committee members and our new committee members, Raymond, Paula and Jean who I heartily welcome onboard.) I look forward to being of service to Maghera Historical Society and the Maghera community as a whole. Our outgoing chairman, Joseph McCoy, has left very big shoes to fill and I want to personally thank him for the many years he’s worked tirelessly for our society.

Our society is focused on the preservation of the mutual history, heritage and culture of all our community, regardless of religion or political opinions. Our mission is to record and preserve the facts and the knowledge without judging. Our ranks and membership is open to all without reservation; we believe in inclusivity and we know that our members and we would hope the wider community will continue to embrace and respect all traditions in our historical persuits.

Finally, I’d like to offer a heartfelt vote of thanks to James Armour for all his sterling work as secretary. James has strived to make MHS a better society (and has succeeded) and has proved to be a driving force and a source of inspiration to all.  We would also like to thank Maeve O’Neill for her herculean works to get our Christmas magazine (which is now on sale!) prepared, designed and published. Without Maeve, this just wouldn’t have been possible. Maeve, on behalf of Maghera Historical Society, you have our full respect and sincere thanks.

Denver Boyd

Chairman MHS

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