Launch of George Shiels’ book ‘Maghera: Chapter & verse’


On Saturday the 4th of June 2016, Cllr. George Shiels launched his wonderfully comical and astute book ‘Maghera: Chapter and Verse’ which tells tales from Maghera over the years. From observations of Maghera from 1957 to a hospital bed, George relates stories from his wonderfully colourful lifetime. George said “I hadn’t a serious notion of writing a book until I submitted a couple of pieces to the Maghera Historical Society’s magazine, Maghera Times, last year. Of course  had often bemoaned the fact that there was no permanent record of the stories that had given me pleasure and enjoyment over many years, and had lifted me when was down occasionally. I was, therefore, humbled and silently delighted, when following on from that publication, a few people encouraged me to put something together. The stories were jibbing through my head, but had to be written down, and so the serious work began.. I was surprised and enthused at the latitude and scope that the written medium gave me in comparison with the ‘telling’ of the stories. The explanations and new inflections that have presented themselves overjoyed me. I am hoping that the enjoyment my reminiscences gave me might be smittal* and perhaps reach pandemic proportions! George Shiels”

We, at the Maghera Historical Society are proud to have been able to help George put his insightful and wonderfully crafted book into the hands of our many eager followers. Well done George!!!

*For those of you who don’t know the word ‘smittal’ it means infectious.

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